Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Less is......

Less sugar 
Less carbohydrate 
Less dairy
Less pastries cakes etc

Less non-beneficial sharing in media social
Less talking non-sense
Less gossiping
Less browsing for nothing
Less stalking
Less ig, fb, twitter

Less browsing online shopping
Less buying things I dont need

Less is BETTER

Monday, 12 January 2015

Cerita ceriti hu ha hu hi

Oh well, azam tahun baru untuk update blog ini dengan lebih kerap nampak macam *krikk*krikk*krik*

Harini tasneem masuk darjah 2, masih di sekolah yang sama. Macam biasa dia excited nak pegi sekolah after the long school holiday. Ramai kawan kat sekolah, tambah pulak semalam baru beli buku cerita maka haruslah excited nak tunjuk kat kekawan buku tu kan? Hahaha
Haseena 5tahun, masih di tadika yang sama. Tapi minah tu macam takde perasaan sangat nak ke skool, monday blues dia pagini. But as long as dia tak buat drama taknak turun kereta pagi2 tu, kira OK lah tu.
Baheera? Almost 7months. Berat almost 9kilo. �� 
Minah askar dia sekarang, menjalar ke sana ke mari. Tempat faveret adalah menjalar ke dapur. Haissshhhh dah nama perempuan tu mmg ke dapur jugak la, ye dak?? Kihkihkih. That reminds me to remind bigbos to install pagar kat pintu dapur tu. 
Me? Takde update sangat. Keje OK, kesihatan OK, emosi OK dan masih bambam seperti lepas beranak dulu. Cuma yang ini TIDAK ok. T______T

So, whazzaaappp everybody?  Apa cerita terbaru anda? :D

Friday, 2 January 2015

District 21, IOI City Mall

District 21 is an indoor challenge park located in the newest shopping mall in KL, IOI City Mall  that is just less than 5 mins away from UNITEN. Ailaiken he he heeee 

Anyway, the main entry for District 21 located at the 1st floor, near the ice skating ring. The easiest to reach there, park your car at Zone D parking area.  Entry fee is RM75/person for those who would like to enjoy the challenges, or RM15 as a patron. Opening hours : 10am - 8pm. (Last ticket sold is at 7pm).
But we only pay RM55/person Opening Promotion price, not sure how long the promotion will be on tho.
You can wear jeans, drifit tshirt, running pants, etc and the most important thing you MUST wear covered shoes.

With this tag, you can go in/out of District 21 on the same day for solat, eating, shopping etc.

Upon entry, head on to Giant Trampoline area for FREE socks and Skymaze for FREE gloves. You may proceed to Powerstation as usually, the queue is long. 1 session is 20mins for max 20person.



Giant trampoline

You can sweat buckets!!

You need to wear the given socks in this area. If you are a 1st timer, be sure to be extra careful as it can be tricky to control your movement jumping up and down the trampoline, and you may injured yourself (or others).
And recommended, please empty your bladder before playing as you may accidentally peed in your pants while jumping up and down. hheeehee :P
Nope not me ok!!


The metal structure with the giant yellow slide

District 21
climb, up crawl, backward crawl semua ada. :D

District 21


The tracks are those hanging obstacles above the powerstation

Love Skytrail the most. It starts operating at 2pm-6pm. The entry for Skytrail is at Level 2. Max 20person per-entry. 
Queue can start as early as 1.30pm (or earlier than that). It can be a very very loooooooong line & wait to enter this Skytrail so if you miss the 1st session, be sure to gear up your patience ya. 
In Skytrail, you will be hanging with a full body harness connected to a cabel, and walk yourself through the hanging obstacles. You will need to change your carabiner (the hook) at the end of each obstacles.
The session time is based on each of the participants, as to how long they take the time to finish the obstacles. 

And oh, this challenge has a height limit, you need to be 155cm above to play because if you are less than that, it will be hard for you to reach and change your carabiner. Sorry folks, it aint for those "hobbiton folks". :P
(amponnn jgn maraaaah)

sabar menanti giliran

Other attractions are Skyfall (basically a free fall with full body harness strap to our body), just next to Skytrail entry area. It also start at 2pm. We didnt manage to play this because we were lazy to q.
Giant tubing is where you slides down with a giant tube in a special tracks.
Pump track, Roller Glider (tak bukak lagi), Low rope, Go pedal & Carousel (you need to pay Rm5/entry separately for this).

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves being kids again in District 21. This theme park is suitable for family outing and my personal opinion, it best suited for kids above 8 year old, they can play most of the challenges. If below than that, your kid may only enjoy a few attractions.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


  • Be patient. It took more than a day to put it on and it’s going to take more than a day to take it off. Transforming your lifestyle and your physique will take time. The sooner you recognize and accept this, the better! You WILL have set-backs and losing weight/getting fit WILL take time. You will occasionally eat something unhealthy, you will miss a workout, you will stumble, you will make mistakes… you’re human! Nothing worth having ever comes easily… if it WERE that easy, everyone would be in shape! Know that you are only a failure if you QUIT. So don’t quit! You will regret it in the long run!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Petua hilangkan tahi lalat

Sakit mata kan kalau tengok ada tahi lalat kat baju, cadar, selimut, toys anak? 
Sebelum ni aku puas merendam kain2 yang bertahi lalat tu dengan dynamo la, sental2 dgn sabun tapi gagal. :/
Pagi ni aku cuba satu petua, rendam pakaian tu dalam 1/2 cawan cuka + 1/2 baldi air.

Hey! It works!!! Hilang tahi lalat tu.

Kalau kain2 tu baru nak naik tahi lalat, rendam dalam 5-10minit dah boleh hilang, kalau tahi lalat tu dah lama, mungkin kena rendam lama sikit; semalaman ke? 
Ok lepas rendam tu, jemur kain2 tu kat tempat panas cahaya matahari. InsyAllah, selesai masalah. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Krabi Trip

Day 1

The flight took about 1hour++ to reach Krabi International Airport. We took airport airconditioned bus to Ao Nang that cost us THB150/person (RM15).  The bus did a few stops and I didnt noticed how long the journey from airport to Ao Nang. Somewhere after Krabi town, the bus pull over in front of some shophouse and someone asked the name of our hotel and then asked some of us to get down with all of our luggage. We were ushered into 1 tour agency office, and were attended by the sales agent. I knew immediately what they wanted to do. Apparently they were trying to sell us crazy expensive tour package. I refused to sit where they asked 3 of us to sit, and said that we have friends waiting for us at the hotel. "Tipu sunat".  Dan buat muka stone walaupun berkali2 sales agent tu suruh duduk kat meja dia. I think about 15mins later we were asked to hop in a tuk-tuk. A couple then joined us. I cannot stop from being kepochi and asked them did they buy the package? Luckily they didnt as they knew it was crazy expensive and we can get a lot cheaper at Ao Nang. Then another couple joined us,  unfortunately they bought 2 days package. Maybe they didnt aware of the scam? I dont know. We dare not to say anything.

So please please remember, if you happen to get into this kind of situation, just stay put, dont bother to hear what they want to sell you and buat muka stone je ok. You will get a lot more cheaper tour package in Ao Nang. Boleh tawar2 lagi.

We stayed in Aonang Eco Inn. Found it from Reviews in looked promising. They offered a triple room with a total of THB6600 for 3nights. Thats about THB2200/person for 3 nights. Roughly about THB73.30 (RM73)/person pernight. We requested for early checkin but unfortunately all rooms were booked, so we left our luggages and walked along the street.

The hotel setup is at a shoplot. Not really a proper hotel-like setup. Its more like a budget hotel but the facilities memang tiptop macam hotel mahal. 

The triple room. 1 king bed & 1 single bed. Clean & spacious. Bed was super comfy. Toilet was huge. Love the balcony overlooking the greeneries. 
Facilities: safe deposit, umbrella, 3 power sockets, flat tv (but no english channel hahaha), mini fridge, complimentary mineral water, but no kettle.

AoNang beach was about 5-10mins walking along the streets full with massage centre, tours agents, 7-eleven, family mart etc etc. So you will not feel the distance at all.

After a coffee + hot choc session, we decided to have a body massage since we have about 3 more hours before checkin time. There were a lot of massage shop along the street but we chose Aonang Haven for its good review in TripAdvisor and had a 1hour full body massage for THB400 (RM40). God it was good!! Has had a padicure & manicure for THB350 (RM35).

Cheap massage but definitely a good one.

Then lunch at Lemon Restaurant, just nearby Aonang Haven. We had Ikan Siakap steam with chilli and lime, Udang goreng halia, seafood tomyam, sayur campur, banana pancake, air kelapa, pineapple kiwi smoothie, watermelon juice. Total THB980. The food was good & delish!
Then, we shop around for the tour package for day 2 & day 3. Came across a tour agent just infront of Att-A-Rak, another massage centre that was recommended by reviewers in TripAdvisor. We decided to take sunset island hopping with a price of THB600 (RM60) per person. The cheapest we could get. While kak millie & Has went downstairs to book our massage tomorrow morning.

Jalan2 mencari kedai makan May & Zin.

Jauh kami berjalan malam tu mencari May & Zin ni. Hampir2 give up. Nasib baik jumpa akhirnya.
It was located at Holiday Beach Walk Arena, just beside Holiday Inn.

Ikan siakap stim limau & cili (lagi!), soft shell crab with yellow curry, green curry with shrimp, daging black pepper & sayur asparagus udang. Total 800THB (RM80).
The taste was so much tastier than Kedai Lemon, and much cheaper too. 
Its just that you need to wait for awhile for the food, that is if you come at peak hours (dinner time/lunch time). The food was so good we came back again for dinner at day 3. :D

I prefer May & Zin than Lemon Restaurant. Lagi sedap and "berasa".

Day 2

The hotel did not provide any breakfast (hotel bajet katanya). So we breakfast in our room with susu meiji (yey reunited with susu meiji yg sedap!) and roti. Our massage appointment was at 10am. Kak Millie and I had a 1.5hours back & shoulder massage package, for a THB500 (RM50). Has had full body massage for THB500 (RM50).

In comparison between Att-A-Rak & Aonang Haven, I prefer Att-A-Rak. The setup is more spa-like.

Lunch was as Bamboo restaurant (sebelah Lemon Restaurant je) but i'm not recommending Bamboo restaurant. Mahal & x sedap.
Lepas lunch, balik hotel and bersiap untuk Sunset Island Hopping.
We chose to take the evening trip as opposed to the normal morning tour because 1) we wanted to have massage session in the morning and 2) swimming at night with phytoplankton! This activity only available in the evening tour package.

walking to the jetty

it was more beautiful IRL

1st stop : Poda Island

Snorkeling near Poda Island. 
Please bring your own snorkeling goggles set because the ones they provided was near to zero use. Air masuk dalam goggles. Eventho the corals & fishes were not that nice but potong aje mood aje nak  snorkeling kalau air masin masuk mata. Pedih. pfft

can't remember the name of this island, but this is the place for "water solo jump"; which I did!
Swim to the island, climb up the rope to the cliff, you may climb as high as you wish (handsfree rock climbing) and then JUMP!! weeeeeeeeeeee
best! best! best!

Then we had a stop at Tup Island, a small beautiful island, which has a "beting pasir" connecting to another island during low tides. Unfortunately not much pictures because the camera was out of battery (darn it  I forgot to bring my camera charger for the trip pfft) and it was raining heavily. When the rain subsided, the boat took us to Railay Beach for a buffet dinner. No worries, the food served is halal. You just need to inform the travel agent when you buy the tickets. There were a fire-show after dinner by the tour guides. Ok jugak la persembahan sembur2 telan api ni. hehe.
Finally, our last activity in the trip was swimming with phytoplankton at night. These fluorescent phytoplankton can only be seen at night. 1st time aku berenang at open sea memalam. Suprisingly, the water was warm, calm and very nice. Totally recommended.  
We reached the hotel at about 9pm++. 

Day 3

Today activity was about fun & adventure. The package price was THB1700 (RM170) perpax. The cheapest rate we could get.
We chose to do water rafting 9km, ATV ride and also waterfall visit.
Not quite sure where exactly the place was but it was an almost 2hour journey from Ao Nang. Jauh jugak.
Had so much fun with the white water rafting, terubat rindu ku dengan white water rafting ni. Mengingatkan aku dengan misi wwr di Sg Padas yang belum terlaksana. *sigh*

Happy kan?

Lepas makan tengahari, di bawa ke air terjun. Cantik jugak tapi air sejuk & banyak ikan klah dalam kolam tu. I is geli geleman tengok ikan2 itu. eeeeee.

Then balik ke kem untuk ATV ride. 1st time jugak ni kitorang naik ATV. Syok juga la, altho i wish the ride was longer and more errmm... tougher i.e: turun naik bukit, masuk becak, masuk semak etc. Ewah aku! ha ha
Balik ke Ao Nang, singgah pula ke Monkey Cave, which all 3 of us were not interested at all. Tak turun pun dari van, tengok aje mat minah salleh bagi monyet2 (jahat) itu makan & kena ambush dengan monyet. hehe.
Sampai di hotel, we were in a rush to have dinner & to Krabi town for Krabi Night Market. Had dinner at May & Zin again, then at 7.30pm we took the last bus (tuk-tuk) from Ao Nang to Krabi town for THB60 (RM6) perway. It took us 30mins to reach Krabi Night Market. Did some shopping, had 2 dose of ice cream kelapa (oh sedap!), quite an interesting night market altho we didnt really explore it due to time constraint. And oh, kedai2 menjual fridge magnet & Krabi tshirts were swamped with Malaysians buying heaps of those items. Beli untuk satu kampung kekdahnya :P

Day 4
Last day. Our flight was the 1st flight out of Krabi. Booked a private taxi for THB600 (RM60).

Overall, love love love and I enjoyed my time in Krabi. Love the cheap massage session, good Thai food (May & Zin definitely), love the beautiful islands and clear water.
Will I return to Krabi?
Ada banyak lagi activity yang tak dibuat in Krabi, so you bet I am!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Work in progress meant for those numbers on the scale.
Those nasty numbers. 

Losing weight is not a 1-day result, so i need to find motivation, courage and perseverance to keep me sane during the journey.
It is a looooooooooooong way to go.

May the force be with me.